Terms of Service

* As residence sizes and conditions vary, the final cost may be based on actual property size, surface types, and condition.


Our services page details all services and deliverables typically performed.

  • We will not charge by the number of hours and/or by the number of people present when the service is performed. Durations and number of staff present may vary and is at the sole discretion of tidy maids of Frisco.​​
  • Please let our sales team know, in advance, which service you would like.
    • Same day changes and add-ons may or may not be possible. Please do not ask the team on site; rather, call our office at 469-731-0360 to inquire about adding a service​
  • Services listed as additional services will most likely, have an additional charge.
  • If we have not been out to clean your home within 4 weeks a Standard or Express will not be available. Rather, a Standard Plus should be expected, billed at its rate ​

Additional Services*

*Additional cost may apply

  • Oven interior cleaning
    • We use a non fume oven cleaning product.
    • Please note: Stains inside the oven double glass cannot be removed since we cannot access that area.
  • Refrigerator interior cleaning
    • We clean the refrigerator side. We cannot clean the freezer side since it has ice in it. We do not remove glass shelves when cleaning the refrigerator. (Units must be empty prior to cleaning)
  • Bed Linen Service
    • When new linens are laid out for us.
    • We will take the old linen to the laundry room for you
    • Up to three beds. More than three carries an extra charge
  • Window Cleaning
    • Within reach inside the home
    • Expected window size is 4' x 8'
    • Divided panes or widows with muntins carry a higher charge


We accept Cash and Checks. but do require one of the following cards to confirm and secure the service: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. A hold will be placed on the card on the day of the service. If you are paying with cash or check please place the payment in a sealed envelope with 'tidy maids of Frisco" written on it. Also, we must know in advance of the service date so we can have the card hold released the same day and payment is due upon the teams arrival. If you use a debit card, your bank determines the timeframe to post the release on their end. (Please note that a rapid payment convenience fee of $4.97 applies when using a card as final payment) There is no fee convenience fee if cash or check is the scheduled and final method of payment. To schedule a service or provide payment method information, please contact our office by phone (469-731-0360) M-F, 9am to 4pm. Please do not try to send card information via email.

Cancellation and Schedule Changes

To avoid a fee please make these requests , during business hours via telephone (Monday through Friday 9am - 4pm) at 469-731-0360) at least 2 business days (excluding weekends) before it is scheduled.

Pet Policy

We love animals but they can leave a lot of hair behind. An additional fee will be added if the home has pets. Please have your pets secured before we arrive. If they are secured in a room that you do not want us to open, please let us know.

First Time Cleanings

We do offer reduced rates for recurring service. The first time we clean your home, you should expect that rate to be higher or equal to that of a comprehensive cleaning. Thereafter, the reduced rate will apply.

Before We Arrive

To avoid an unnecessary cancellation and fee

  • Please let our sales team know, in advance, which service you would like.
    • The home's hot water heater must be functioning normally
    • If the utilities are not turned on, our team will have to leave
  • We will need any relevant gate / security codes and access to the home
  • Please ensure that clutter is removed from surfaces to be cleaned.
    • Surfaces and floors that are cluttered will not be cleaned.
    • Excessive clutter is a safety issue and may result in cancellation


We pride ourselves in cleaning homes well. While we cannot make a house look new again, you can expect and honorable and excellent effort to cover all pieces related to your service type.

  • Video and/or photos can be taken onsite
  • Please note that we will not move furniture with the exception of lightweight dining table chairs.
  • A few notes on cleanings

    • Our staff are only permitted to use company issued materials and equipment such as small step stool/ladders and/or extendable handles/poles to extend their reach.
    • Items/areas/surfaces, etc.. may be skipped if we believe that they are inaccessible, cluttered, or otherwise not able to be cleaned, or that they could pose a risk pertaining to safety, liability, productivity, or any other risk. (This should not affect the service price)
    • Stains: We cannot assure stain removal. We will give a best effort to clean and reduce their appearance.
    • Oil, grease, impacted substances, wear, etc. may not be removed but we will give an honorable effort with warm water, our detergent, and a good mopping.. Paint or substances like it may not be able to be removed and could pose a risk of smearing.
    • After a Comprehensive, Welcome Home, Bon Voyage, or first time cleaning, dust often is suspended in the air as it is knocked off during cleaning, and may settle after the cleaning is complete. We cannot affect this. However, subsequent cleanings should reduce this.
    • It is recommended to change your air filters after a Comprehensive, Welcome Home, Bon Voyage, or first time cleaning)
  • Heavy Soil, Dust, Clutter. etc..

    • Homes that have excessive dust, dirt, grease, pet hair, or other build up will be assessed a comprehensive cleaning rate and an additional charge. (Note: Stains, oil, grease, impacted substances, wear, etc. may not be removed but we will give an honorable effort with warm water, our detergent, and a good mopping..​
      • Examples of a home in this condition would be:
        • a rental property where the renter has rarely cleaned
        • a house lived in for months where only sweeping and light cleaning of some surfaces was ever done
        • a house where the toilets, shower, tub, etc.. have rarely ever been cleaned
        • a house that has been recently renovated, remodeled, or had other types of construction performed

Customer Interaction

  • Our office should be notified, in advance, of any information necessary for the team to complete their work Outside of initial pleasantries, please refrain from directing, interacting, assisting, following, supervising. or shadowing the team members
  • We ask that our employees be allowed to complete all of their work before any customer inspection is conducted.​
  • ​We routinely have supervisors conduct work inspections.

Missed items

Should we fail to deliver a service please notify our office on the day of the cleaning.

  • We do not remedy the situation with an account credit. Rather, we will arrange to have service provided or quality issue remedied as soon as possible. Often, this can be done within 24 hours. Quality concerns raised after the day of cleaning are difficult to address.
  • Items/areas/surfaces, etc.. may be skipped if we believe that they are inaccessible, cluttered, or otherwise not able to be cleaned, or that they could pose a risk pertaining to safety, liability, productivity, or any other risk. (This should not affect the service price)


Non-negligent or Incidental or routine wear, as could reasonably be expected through the course of moving items and cleaning a house, items that are not anchored, or items previously damaged and repaired, are not covered by tidy maids of Frisco.

  • Video and/or photos can be taken onsite
  • High space occupancy ratios and or cluttered areas/surfaces raise the risk of breakage, We will not be liable
  • We will not be liable for Items attached to vertical services that are not anchored, such as attached with nails with no drywall anchors, or items not attached with anchor straps.
  • Should new damage or breakage, of a non-routine or negligent nature, occur, please alert the team immediately and feel free to contact us.
  • It is important that we are informed of damage or breakage as soon as possible.
  • We will most likely not be able to address damage claims after the cleaning day.


tidy maids of Frisco will not clean electronic devices.

Inclement or Severe Weather

Cleanings may be cancelled and/or delayed due to inclement or severe weather events.

  • Rescheduling, in the case of a weather cancellation would not be done and the cancellation fee would NOT be assessed if we cancel.
  • Please keep in mind; even if the Frisco area is not majorly affected, weather-related events can still affect our maids ability to travel to Frisco.
  • Delays can be expected when we open before or after a weather event

Customer Owned Equipment/Products

tidy maids of Frisco uses only company provided materials and equipment and will not be held responsible for any damage to, caused by, or caused with customer owned equipment or products.


Please exercise caution during and after a service Surfaces may be wet or slippery. tidy maids of Frisco will not be responsible for injuries related to the cleaning of the home.

Safety Policy

Our Maids will immediately leave the property and the customer will be billed the cancellation rate if any of the following circumstances exist

  • Environmental hazards
  • Heavy clutter
  • Simultaneous work (If another service provider is on site or if person(s) on site are performing maintenance or work in the areas to be cleaned)
  • Narcotics or drug use
  • Illegal activity
  • Person(s) present under the influence or otherwise intoxicated
  • Person(s) present who are or appear to be ill
  • A hostile environments and /or aggressive or hostile person(s) on site (this can include slamming doors, throwing things, yelling, screaming, or otherwise loud or disruptive actions)
  • Sexual harassment, lewd behavior, bodily exposure, sexual assault, or behavior consistent with the aforementioned.
  • Aggressive, unsecured, or hostile pets on site
  • Unsecured weapons.

Weapon Policy

All weapons are to be secured. Our maids are forbidden from touching weapons like firearms, bows, swords, etc.. Please see our safety policy.


We do not sell or share your information.

A few notes for carpet cleaning

Two Story / Multi Level Homes: We can normally reach areas above the first floor if the are within 50 linear feet of the bottom of the stairs. Areas in excess of that distance would not be reachable. Additionally, high pressure water is used and, if a floor and wall are not sealed properly, the risk of water intrusion exists and we will not be liable in this circumstance.

Wet Floor Caution Your floors will have much of the hot water extracted but can be expected to remain wet after we leave. Please be cautious and aware of the potential to slip and fall anywhere in the home.

Furniture and Obstructions: We ask that the areas to be serviced are free from all items and obstructions.

Electricity and Water: All utilities must be available and working on service day (the home's hot water heater must be functioning normally) We use water and electricity from the home, often, when we use movable units We will clean up once we finish! No worries. We use our external inline water heater. Please do not allow members of your household or animals to touch or handle our equipment, or come near our employees while working as the equipment and water it dispenses will be very hot If there are any existing performance issues with your water heater, electrical, plumbing, or any other system in the home, please let us know before we start

·Our equipment is professional grade. Our hard surface extractor system uses three 15 amp connections. Each on must be attached to a separate circuit capable of handling that amperage. NOTE: Just because two rooms are in different locations does not mean they are on separate circuits. We will work with the homeowner to identify rooms where we can plug in the equipment that are on separate circuits. This information is normally written on labels inside your breaker box and it is a good idea to look at it to verify. Directing us to a problem plug, circuit that cannot handle the load, or two outlets on the same circuit will almost certainly cause your circuit breaker to trip and to likely fail. If you know that a specific outlet has had a history of performance issues, please let us know so we may avoid that outlet Older / original circuit breakers will degrade over time and can be expected to fail as a matter of course even when manually switched on and off Circuit breakers that are equipped with a neutral test mechanism are known to trip when equipment as standard as a vacuum cleaner are turned on Tidy Maids of Frisco will not be responsible for issues related to these issues mentioned above.


Call us: (469) 731 - 0360

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Contact: customerservice@tidymaidsoffrisco.com

For assistance with an
existing service, Contact: customerservice@tidymaidsoffrisco.com


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